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  • AGENDA for the next meeting:

Agendas for upcoming meetings will be posted below, when available; copies of Resolutions and any other paperwork pertinent to these meetings are available for public review at the Town Hall.  The regular monthly Board Meetings are taped, and rebroadcast on Channel 17 (local Time Warner cable), and on You Tube. 

Minutes and Agendas are downloadable .pdf documents and should open in a new tab or new window.

Village Dissolution:  The Village of Port Henry's "Dissolution Plan", presented to the Village Board on Feb.2, 2016, is available for reference.





DISTRICTS #1, #2 #3 & #4


 The Town of Moriah will be flushing fire hydrants for following areas the beginning around 8:00am on the following dates:

 Monday           10/1/18            Witherbee Area

Tuesday          10/2/18            Mineville to Grover Hills

Wednesday     10/3/18            Grover Hills to Moriah Center

Thursday         10/4/18            Moriah Center to Moriah Corner’s

Friday             10/5/18            Moriah Corner’s to top of Broad Street (includes Water District #4)


Monday           10/8/18            Port Henry Area

Tuesday          10/9/18            Port Henry Area

Wednesday     10/10/18          Port Henry Area

It is recommended that you shut off your boiler or hot water heater and shut off your main valve coming into your home to prevent the possibility of siphoning water from your boiler or hot water heater.  If you do not have a main valve, or are not sure of its location you can contact the Water Department at 942-3340.  If your water is cloudy once the water is restored, run your outside hose until it clears.




Public Hearing-Moriah Fire Department Budget-October 16, 2018 at 7:00pm-Moriah Fire Hall 

Public Hearing-Port Henry Fire District #3 Budget-October 16, 2018 at 6:00pm-Port Henry Fire Dept.


Help Wanted

Town of Moriah

Board of Assessment & Review Member

 The Town of Moriah Town Board is seeking applicants to fill two (2) seats on the Board of Assessment Review.  The term for a Board of Assessment Review member is 5 years commencing October 1 and terminating on September 30.  Applicants must be a citizen of the Town of Moriah and have a general knowledge of property values.  Successful applicants are required to attend a 4 hour training course in Elizabethtown upon appointment and reappointment.  The training course shall include the functions, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Assessment Review, assessment review, assessment procedures and exemption administration.  The Board of Assessment Review will hear complaints in regards to assessment of Real Property the fourth Tuesday in May and at any adjourned or 2nd meetings as required throughout the year.  Compensation is $300.00 per calendar year.  If interested, please send a letter of interest to Thomas Scozzafava, Town of Moriah Supervisor, 38 Park Place, Port Henry, NY  12974.


 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for Moriah 2017

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for Port Henry 2017


Questions/Answers Waterfront Development Meeting 2/21/18


Veterans Buried in the Town of Moriah, Courtesy Greg Furness



Scheduled Meetings:

October 11, 2018; 6:00pm; Court House; Regular Town Board Meeting

October 18, 2018; 6:00pm, Town Hall; Budget Workshop 















Note:  The regular monthly Board Meetings are taped, and rebroadcast on Channel 17 (local Time Warner cable), and are (since May, 2015) available on You Tube.


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