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The Cheney mountain trail was designed and built by a collaboration of efforts by CATS (Champlain Area Trails), Moriah Town officials, and MAJOR support from the community members.

At the inaugural "Mineville Ironore Man" event, held in the pouring rain, we had over 45 participants. Since the creation of the trail a sign- in box has been installed and we have had over 750 people sign-in and hike this trail. Industry standards suggest only half the people sign in, putting the total at over 1500 people. Hikers have been a mix of local reisdents, out of state and out of the country.

Please come and enjoy the morning and hike a beautiful trail in the Adirondack Park, in the Town of Moriah, with breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and surrounding mountains.

Cheny Mt - Mineville Iron Ore Man patch

Also see Cheney Mountain Trail photos by Jerry Firlik, one hiker's comments from his first Cheney Mt. hike, and photos by Larry Wintle, Jr., hiking Cheney Mt. in the winter.


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