Visit the historic Town of Moriah and its tremendous lakefront community, Port Henry!  

Here you'll find quaint lodging, lakefront campgrounds, beaches and boat access, a mining museum and two Champs! 

... and Fishing...  Small Fisherrman - Large Fish


... and an expanding street art collection:

Artistic Destination: Port Henry Offers Tours of New Public Art


Located on Lake Champlain, the historic community of Port Henry is quickly turning into a "Village of Public Art." Over the last two years, local citizens have worked individually and in teams to create over a dozen large works of permanent murals, signs, and quilts. 

Attractions include large new murals depicting historic street scenes, a tropical jungle, the historic headquarters of the Witherbee Sherman Company, and an unusual restored "ghost sign" with historic lettering. A new entry sign on the south end of the Village celebrates native son Johnny Podres who helped lead the Brooklyn Dodgers to a World Series victory in 1955.  Mural based on historic postcard


Seasonal Quilts


Other areas of interest:

The Banners

Historic Buildings

Lakes to Locks Passage

Johnny Podres sign

Photos: Scenes from around the area

Iron Center



Local Events

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