Village Budget and Taxes

Village Budget, Taxes, and Assessed Values

The Village's budget is set each April (after a series of public meetings), for the fiscal year June 1st through May 31st. The budget for the general fund covers the expenses of running the Village, which includes all the work of "the Village Crew" (street repairs, snow plowing, garbage and recycling pickups, campground maintenance), street lighting, and the Village Office. 

The Village's major sources of income are property taxes and revenue from the Champ Campground and RV Park. Other revenues come from state highway aid, fire protection services, and state revenue sharing.

Assessed values used for property taxes are provided by the Town's Assessor; the Village does not have its own separate Assessor.  (For more information and links to the complete Assessment Role, please read this page).   The 2016 TENTATIVE assessment roll is also available. (152 page .pdf document).     

A one-page summary of the budget is available:

Separate from the Village's general fund, the fees for water usage cover the costs of providing clean drinking water and operating the water system. Similarly, sewer fees cover the costs of maintaining the Village sewer system and the Village's portion of operating the Joint Waste Treatment plant, which is shared with the Town of Moriah. Water and sewer fees are separate from property taxes. Water and sewer fees are billed to water and sewer users twice a year (May and November), while property taxes are billed to property owners annually (June).  Rates effective for usage starting 5/1/16 (for the Nov., 2016, billing) are here.


Additional Details:

Current budget data (for the year ending May 31, 2017):

     Budget Summary

     Revenue and Expenditures: (2 pages for each topic):

General Fund 

Water Fund

Sewer Fund

Joint Account





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