Town Taxes, Budgets, and Assessments

Town (and County) Property Taxes

As with any government entity supported by property taxes, the Town taxes are determined through an annual budgeting process:

Total expenditures required to operate the Town,

less revenues, such as the income from the Town's Campground,

less amounts received from other goverments,

equals amount to be raised by property taxes.

Amount to be raised by property taxes, divided by the Assessed Value of taxable properties, equals the tax rate (expressed in $ per thousand dollars of assessed value).   Note that the assessed value may be reduced for certain line-items, for various exemptions.  For example, the Combat Veteran's Exemption can reduce the Assessed Value (for purposes of calculating the tax) by up to $25,000 for the County Tax line and by up to $30,000 for the Town lines.

NOTE: The annual COUNTY property tax is billed on the same bill as the TOWN taxes. The County taxes are set by Essex County, not by the Town of Moriah. The County rate is the same for all propery in the Town, whether inside or outside the Village.   (More information about the County tax line is available here).

2014 Town (and County) tax rates, rounded to the nearest cent,  are as follows, depending on where you live within the Town of Moriah:

Within the Village of Port Henry:

  • $ 3.07 County taxes
  • $ 4.90 Town General
  • $ 2.36 Highway Districts
    $10.43 Town & County (in the Village)

 For Town residents outside the Village:

  • $ 3.07 County tax
  • $ 4.90 Town General
  • $ 0.68 Highway 1, 1A
  • $ 2.36 Highway 2, 3, 4
  • Plus, depending on which Fire District you live in:
    • Fire #1     $1.70
    • Fire #2     $0.96
    • Fire #3     $1.29
  • Plus, depending on which Water District you live in:
    • Water #1   $2.13
    • Water #2   $1.55
    • Water #3
    • Water #4   $1.96


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