Moriah Central School District

Property Tax Rates

The 2011- '12 property tax rate (for the school district), per $000 of assessed valuation, was:

  • $17.3421

The projected 2012 - '13 rate, subject to the budget being passed at the May 21st vote, will be $17.8052.

The school district receives $10.6 million in state aid, and needs to raise $3.8 million from property taxes.  An additional $0.6 million comes from misc. revenues and budgeted unreserved fund balance, for a total operating budget of just over $15 million.  

Contact the Assessor's office for information regarding possible exemptions (reductions) in assessments:

  • STAR (Basic)
  • STAR (Enhanced)

Contact and payment information:

  • William Larrow (Superintendent)
  • Jean Allen (Tax Collector)
  • 39 Viking Lane
  • Port Henry, NY 12974
  • (518) 546-3301 (voice); 546-7895 (fax)



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