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The Village of Port Henry appointed a Zoning Commission, to study the benefits of zoning for the Village and to prepare recommendations for the initial zones (boundaries and regulations).

The original idea was to create a "Commercial-Retail" zone on Main Street and part of Broad, that would restrict the conversion of existing street-level business space to residential space.  This would formally adopt the existing "temporary moratorium" (Local Law #2 of 2013).   NY law, however, does not allow the Village to establish a zone in just one portion of the Village; the entire Village (or none of the Village) must be subject to zoning regulations.  Thus, a minimum of two zones would exist: the "Commercial-Retail" and "Residential" (or "everything else").  More zones are possible, such as "Industrial".

The Zoning Commission held workshops and two meetings for public input, asking the residents and property owners of the Village to help define the zone(s) and help with suggested "Allowed" or "Not Allowed" uses that could exist within a given zone.  

Examples of possible zones, uses, and restrictions that have were suggested and discussed include:

  • "Commercial-Retail" zone
    •  could allow
      • a mix of residential and commercial
    • could prohibit
      • conversion of existing street-level commercial space to residential use (apartments).
  • "Residential" zone (most everything other than Main St.)
    • could allow
      • a mix of single-family, and multiple-family housing
      • professional offices
      • home-based businesses
      • lodging (B & Bs, for example)
    • and could prohibit
      • "industrial" uses.
  • "Industrial" zone
    • could allow
      • warehousing
      • distribution sites
      • sites generating excessive noise
      • sites releasing fumes

The result of the above workshops and meetings was the "Preliminary Report", which was reviewed at a PUBLIC HEARING on Aug. 20, 2013.  Revisions resulting from that meeting were then incorporated in the "Final Report". The "Final Report" was presented to the Village Board on Aug. 26th , 2013.

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The maps mentioned in the "Final Report" are also available:

Note: Maps may not display correctly in your browser.  For best results, download the file, then re-open the file with your PDF reader.  Rotating the view may also be necessary.


The "Final Report" was approved by the Zoning Commission on Aug. 26, 2013, and then presented to the Village Board; the Zoning Commission then ceases to exist.  It is now the Village Board's responsibility to proceed (or not proceed) with enacting a zoning law.  The Village Board may further modify the recommendations contained in the Zoning Commission's "Final Report", and will hold one or more additional Public Hearings before any new law is enacted. 

Any zoning regulations must be consistent with the "Comprehensive Plan".  This document was updated and reviewed in September, 2014 and January, 2015, and a formal version was approved following a Public Hearing on June 13, 2016.  (The Maps for the plan are also available).   

A draft version of the proposed Zoning Law was distributed to the Village Board for review, 5/18/16.  Further revisions have been incorporated, and the current draft, updated 9/26/16, (text and map), will be reviewed at a public hearing on Oct. 11, 6:30 PM, at the Village Hall.

Proposed Local Law No. 1 of 2017; Zoning Law






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