Bug Club at the Library

Bug Club at the Library

Join Ellen Munshower from the Wild Center as we investigate tiny bugs swimming in water, examine shiny beetles on trees, and go mothing after the sunset! This bug-centric investigation and fun is open to all ages. Drop in for one class or all five classes! We will meet in the Community Room at the library (accessed via the parking lot entrance). Call 518-359-9421 for more information.

  • Week 1:  Bring your camera or cell phone as we are introduced to bugs and learn some hints for bug photography in the Introduction to Insects
  • Week 2:  We’ll be learning about Bugs ON the Water
  • Week 3:  We begin at 8:30 to explore Bugs of the Night *Later start time*
  • Week 4:  Take a closer look at Bugs IN the Water as we use microscopes to get a new perspective
  • Week 5:  it’s Bug-bragging Time as we display our gallery of photos and experiments while we enjoy some refreshments



Goff-Nelson Memorial Library
41 Lake St, Tupper Lake, New York
Ph: (518) 359-9421
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Tue, 08/09/2022
6:30 PM