AARCH Tour: The Pells of Fort Ticonderoga: The Pavilion and King's Garden

AARCH Tour: The Pells of Fort Ticonderoga: The Pavilion and King's Garden

In this exclusive and unique “behind-the-scenes” experience for Young Preservationists, be some of the first to explore Fort Ticonderoga’s recently restored Pavilion, the 1826 summer home of William Ferris Pell and his family, and a popular hotel between 1840 and 1900. Mingle in and explore the halls of this historic space that welcomed guests like Robert Todd Lincoln, son of president Abraham Lincoln; the prominent French & Indian War historian, Francis Parkman; and even Adirondack photographer, Seneca Ray Stoddard. Today, Fort Ticonderoga has continued the work of William Ferris Pell’s great-grandson, Stephen H.P. and his wife Sarah G.T. Pell, who began the restoration of the fort in 1909 and simultaneously undertook the restoration of the Pavilion as a summer residence. Recently, the superb, multi-year capital-funded restoration work on the Pavilion has concluded.

Join AARCH and other Young Preservationists on this exclusive experience where you’ll be treated to an evening of mingling, drinks and snacks, and a private, behind-the-scenes, curator-led tour of the Pavilion. This tour requires pre-registration and is first-come, first-served, and open only to participants ages 21 to 40. Only ten spots are available.

To register, contact Program Director Nolan Cool, or call the AARCH office at 518-834-9328.

The Pavilion tour is led by Fort Ticonderoga Curator Matthew Keagle. The tour begins at 4:30 PM and ends around 6:30 PM.

The fee is $35 for AARCH members and $45 non-members. Folks may bring dinner with them; outside alcohol is prohibited.




Adirondack Architectural Heritage
1745 Main Street, Keeseville, New York
Ph: (518) 834-9328
Fri, 07/15/2022
4:30 PM
$35 for AARCH members; $45 non members