Author Signing with M.J. Rossi at The Bookstore Plus

Author Signing with M.J. Rossi at The Bookstore Plus

The Bookstore Plus Hosts Author Signing Event with M.J Rossi on Saturday, August 17th, 2019, from 1:00-3:00 PM.

Join The Bookstore Plus for an exciting book event! Michael will be at The Bookstore Plus to autograph copies of his new book "Will It Ever End".   He will be in the store to discuss and personalize his books series as well.

About The Books:  


Murder On The Mountain is a mystery of suspense. It presents itself with many twists and turns. There are intriguing side stories to enhance this murder mystery. Sydney Emerson, Sean Metcalf and the Hamilton family will keep you guessing throughout the novel. Other individuals, including Police Chief Winston, will try to solve the mystery in this small Adirondacks hamlet of Keene.



A ferocious fire has occurred atop Hurricane Mountain. Three bodies have been found in the remnants of a house. This was not an accident! The Adirondacks hamlet of Keene is facing another murder mystery. Police Chief Mark Winston has another baffling case to solve.



The office was desolate. No one was to be found. The finely dressed gentleman seemed baffled by unseemly quiteness. Something did not feel right. He had come by his office rather frequently and had never encountered it being left open and no staff member in sight.


Eric Adamson is tormenting the residents of gorman village and his crime spree is baffling the village detective, Samuel Brownfield.

Eric Adamson has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Eric's killings are well-planned out and he is able to manipulate his mother and the staff at the Tillman

Sanatorium Institute.

Will he walk away or meet a fateful ending?


U.S. Presidents: Rankings, Controversies, Scandals and Oddities

Historians have ranked our United States Presidents from first to worst! Every presidency has fascinating events. But where do our presidents rank in terms of historian criteria? What scandals or controversies have highlighted a president's term in office?

This is the third novel of the trilogy by author M.J. Rossi. Missing On The Mountain is and Adirondack mystery. Jane Deaver is nowhere to be found. Can Police Chief Mark Windstron find her? And where is Jason Euling, Mark Winston's best friend?


Throughout Fire on the Mountain there are historical interludes and inspirational quotes to compliment the plot of the mystery. Writing can be a place of solitude. You owe it to yourself to find that peaceful place. I hope you enjoy this novel. Remember, reading helps us escape for a while.

Will It Ever End

An Adirondack mystery novel: A serial murderer is terrorizing the residents of a hamlet nerby the Cascade Mountains. He has established the number 36 to be his favorite. Why? Will he become the most notorious Adirondack murderer?

About The Author:

Mike live in upstate New York with my wife. They have three adult children. His family frequents the Adirondacks and many of us particularity enjoy hiking the High Peaks, also known as the 46ers.

"Murder On The Mountain, my first novel, is inspired by the Adirondacks region. Many people enjoy reading mysteries. So often we encounter baffling circumstances in our lives. We, as humans always look to solve whatever does not make sense. But as we do this we also want to find peace. Always remember you are braver than you know, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know."



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