Molly Alger Demo and Lesson Day at Red Ranch Arena

Molly Alger Demo and Lesson Day at Red Ranch Arena

Molly Alger is a young, self-made entrepreneur in the horse industry. She is known for her
straightforward teaching style, skills in problem solving, and her experience across multiple disciplines such as ranch horse, cutting, polo, reining, dressage, and cowhorse.

This day with Molly Alger will include a morning demonstration of "7 Must-Have Ranch Horse Foundations," followed with one-on-one sessions to work with you and your horse. Molly will cover everything from bridling your horse so you look like a pro to beginning advanced ranch/reining/cowhorse maneuvers under saddle. These sessions are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want to build a solid, versatile horse, start working cows, or level up their ranch show horse! For horse problem solving cases please contact Molly or the host to discuss a spot for the day.

$30 per auditor - payable at door
$175 per rider - auditing included, contact host to book, only 6 riding slots available



Red Ranch Arena
211 Burdick Road, Crown Point, New York
Ph: (518) 354-7277
Sat, 02/04/2023
10:00 AM
$30 per auditor; $175 per rider