Where's Waldo in Lake Placid

Where's Waldo in Lake Placid

Is it 1st of July yet?! Where's Waldo? We need to find him! Are you up for a fun and local scavenger hunt?

The Waldo hunt starts on July 1st! Jump into the fun anytime between July 1st to July 31st. There are 25 stores in Lake Placid NY for you to start your Waldo scavenger hunt from! The Bookstore Plus is one of them! Come and get your "Find Waldo Local in Lake Placid, NY” passport, which has the names of all the participating sites. Here's what you've got to do to be a part of this fun:

a) Pick up a Find Waldo passport from The Bookstore Plus or one of the other 25 participating businesses listed.

b) Get your passport stamped or signed for each Waldo you spot: carry your Find Waldo passport with you throughout the month of July, you' never know when you'll find Waldo! Better have your passport with you, so that it could get stamped/signed by an authority at the site you found him at. Collecting stamps/signatures from these businesses is key to your big prize-winning moment.

c) Have you collected stamps or signatures from more than 10 different businesses? Come and turn your passport into The Bookstore Plus to win an “I Found Waldo” button and a “$1 Off” coupon. You can continue your scavenger hunt after this.

d) Have you collected store stamps or signatures from 20 or more businesses? Great! Come and drop off your passport at The Bookstore Plus because that entitles you an entry into a grand-prize drawing on July 31st, with the top prize being a six-volume deluxe set of Waldo books, and gift certificates from exciting local businesses.

Remember to Join us for the prize drawing ceremony and have a cupcake on July 31st, 4:00-5:00 PM! 

Players who have collected at least 20 of the 25 possible stamps/signatures from the participating businesses are entered in a drawing on July 31 for other larger prizes. So, if that sounds like you, be sure to come to the party!

For more information please call The Bookstore Plus, 518 523 2950




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