Fort Ticonderoga Living History Event "Riot! Yankees versus Buckskins"

Fort Ticonderoga Living History Event

Although coined the “United States” when the Declaration of Independence was written, the states were anything but United by the end of that year. Feuds persisted between states from private soldiers all the way up to gentlemen officers. See how the cold and lonely existence on this forward-post would lead soldiers to fight, nearly erupting in a riot at the end of 1776. Witness the fight between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts soldiers that erupted into gunfire and looting on Christmas Day.

Bring your family along to experience this exciting living history event during Fort Ticonderoga’s new schedule of programs during the Winter Quarters season. From now through April, visitors will be immersed in a more intimate experience at Fort Ticonderoga. From living history events, insightful seminars, specialty programs, and hands-on workshops, guests will have the opportunity to explore Fort Ticonderoga during what was traditionally the “Winter Quarters” season for armies of the 18th century.



Fort Ticonderoga
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Sat, 12/17/2022
10:00 AM
Included with General Admission ticket