Virtual Living History Event: 1757 French Raid on Fort William Henry

Virtual Living History Event: 1757 French Raid on Fort William Henry

During 3 virtual living history programs, watch as French Regulars and Canadians assemble at Fort Carillon, later named Ticonderoga, preparing to march across frozen Lake George to surprise the British in 1757.

See French soldiers build scaling ladders and artillerymen preparing the guns, stores, and ammunition, as the army prepares for a surprise winter attack!

All programs are free and can be viewed here on Facebook at their start times listed below.

11 am — Winter Moccasins
Native American moccasins were used by Canadians and French soldiers as footwear for winter travel, much like the March 1757 French Raid on Fort William Henry. During this program, see the process for recreating these simple deerskin shoes today and how you can make your own!

1 pm — 60 Leagues on Snowshoes
How did 1500 soldiers, Canadian Milice, and native warriors march from Canada to Fort William-Henry in the winter of 1757? During this program, explore the time tested techniques of moving and camping along the great warpaths of the north country in deep snow and along frozen lakes.

3 pm — Scaling Ladders
If you can’t batter a fort wall down…climb over it! During this program, join us as we build a scaling ladder run by rung. See how three-piece scaling ladders were built at Carillon (later named Ticonderoga) in hopes of climbing over the log walls of Fort William Henry using the winter season for a surprise.



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Sat, 02/27/2021
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