Winter Training with Alexaiya Backman

Winter Training with Alexaiya Backman

An Event by AEB Dressage

Come join us for a winter training clinic!

Alexaiya Backman is a small and large German Bronze Medalist and currently attaining scores for her US bronze medal. Alexaiya is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University where she studied Equine Business Management and Riding with a Minor in Training. Riding since a young age she has schooled up to PSG and has trained with many FEI riders over the years.
Additionally Alexaiya has worked with many on and off the track thoroughbreds and has gone to the thoroughbred Makeover challenge twice , successfully on self trained horses.
Alexaiya combines her experience in traditional dressage and body mechanics theory to create a a better training method that is easy to understand, creating a happier and healthier riding pair!

-1 day is $85 to Alexaiya $20 ring fee

-2 day is $160 to Alexaiya $20 ring fee

24 hour cancellation policy in place.



Red Ranch Arena
211 Burdick Road, Crown Point, New York
Ph: (518) 354-7277
Sat, 01/28/2023
7:00 AM
1 day $85 plus $20 ring fee; 2 day $160 plus $20 ring fee,