Essex County Assessments, Budgets, and Taxes

County Taxes 

Essex County's 2013 budget totals over $95 million.  The County's revenue is budgeted to be slightly less than $72 million.  An additional $7 million of funds will be provided from prior years' surplus fund balances, leaving $16 million to be raised by County property tax levies.

County services, about 81% of the total budget, include:

  • Sheriff's Dept.
  • Health Services
  • Office of the Aging
  • Dept. of Public Works
  • Horace Nye Nursing Home
  • County Clerk
  • District Attorney
  • and several Support Service Departments

The $95 million budget includes about $18 million in "mandated expenditures".  These are federal and state and programs required to be operated by lower levels of government.  Most of these mandated programs are not accompanied by state and/or federal money to pay for them or are only partially paid for, resulting in increased County property tax levies.  Examples include:

  • New York State Medicaid, $6.8 million
  • NYS Welfare benefits, $3.1 million
    • Public Assistance
    • Safety Net and Child Welfare
  • Other NYS programs, $6 million
    • Pre-School Special Ed
    • Early Intervention services
    • Probation
    • Indigent Defense
    • Youth detention
    • Public employees' pension system

The County's 2013 budget requires $16.4 million to be raised by property taxes.  In the Town of Moriah, this results in a tax rate of $2.75 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.  This rate appears as a single-line on the combined Town & County property tax bills (mailed in January).   Additional information can be found on Essex County's official web site.  (Opens in a new window or tab).


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